About the Project

Oncos Parc, a real estate project of ONCOS S.A.
Architectural concept: Dico şi Ţigănaş
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Despre proiect

The Oncos Parc project in Floresti / Cluj-Napoca is located on one of the most attractive and largest compact land areas available for real estate investments in the Cluj-Napoca area.

Despre proiect

Excellently located, at the exit of Cluj-Napoca and at the entrance to Floreşti commune, on the European road connecting Cluj-Napoca to Oradea, Oncos Parc is conveniently close to some of the main points of interest in Cluj-Napoca:

  • 1.6 km (2 minutes by car) to Metro Cash&Carry
  • 2.6 km (3 minutes by car) from Vivo Shopping Center (former Polus Shopping Center)
  • 5,4 km (11 minutes by car) from the Platinia Shopping Center
  • 6 km (12 minutes by car) from the Cluj Arena stadium and Polivalent Hall
  • 7 km (15 minutes by car) from the center of Cluj-Napoca
  • 8,4 km (9 minutes by car) from the A3 Transylvania Highway (Gilău junction)
  • 8.8 km (17 minutes by car) from the Cluj-Napoca Train Station
  • 10.4 km (19 minutes by car) from Iulius Mall Shopping Center
  • 15 km (26 minutes by car) from Cluj International Airport
  • 18.1 km (22 minutes by car) from the Tarniţa lake
  • 45,8 km (53 minutes by car) from the Muntele Băişorii mountain resort
  • 47.3 km (56 minutes by car) from the Fântânele - Beliş recreation area
  • 600 meters (7 minutes walk) from the future Regional Emergency Hospital *
    * public investment project in the early stages of completion

The fast and easy access to Oncos Parc is provided by the four-lane road between Cluj-Napoca and Floreşti, by a secondary access to the Abator Street, as well as by the Metropolitan Public Transport Network.

In the current concept, proposed by architects from "Dico and Ţigănaş", Oncos Parc will provide 588 1, 2, 3 and 4-room apartments, in 3 and 6-storey buildings, and a number of 645 parking spaces.

Despre proiect 26

The project features complementary functions such as commercial spaces, a park, a kindergarten, a gym with indoor pool, spa, jacuzzi and fitness room, a football field, a basketball court and running track.

The mixed commercial and residential project Oncos Parc is focused on the middle-class buyers with constant incomes, represented by "young professionals", or people from the region (Alba, Sălaj, Mureş, Maramureş, Satu Mare, Bistrița-Năasăud counties) who have funds available for real estate investments and seek to invest in areas with growth potential.

Context and market characteristics

  • Type of real estate market: in development, characteristic of the suburbs of cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants (Cluj-Napoca)
  • More than half of the housing units delivered in 2017 in the seven largest residential  markets in Romania were located in the localities near the big cities, according to a report drawn up by Coldwell Banker Romania real estate consultancy firm based on data from the National Institute of Statistics
  • More than half (54%) of the housing units completed in 2016 in the largest seven residential markets in Romania (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanța, Sibiu and Brașov) were in the localities near the big cities.
  • Of the 27,273 housing units completed in 2017 in the seven largest Romanian markets, only 12,417, or 46%, were located inside the cities, 14,856 (54%) being located in the neighboring localities.
  • Florești residential market exceeds the volume of Cluj-Napoca market: In the last 10 years, 16,300 housing units were completed in Florești, compared to 12,400 in Cluj-Napoca.

Site and area analysis

The site studied by the architects from "Dico and Ţigănaş", which designed the Oncos Parc concept, is located on Avram Iancu Street, in the eastern extremity of Foreşti, near the military unit and in proximity to some commercial and accommodation facilities in the immediate vicinity of Cluj Napoca. Among these are Vivo (Polus) Shopping Center, Metro Cash&Carry, West City Hotel, showrooms and other facilities of public interest.

Despre proiect

At present, Oncos S.A. has its production facilities on the land in question, measuring 55,140 sq. M. The Oncos Parc project involves the relocation of the production activity.

In addition to the site, adjacent to the Somesul Mic river shore, there is also the high voltage municipal air network.

Despre proiect

The standard of this project is meant to be higher than what real estate developers offer in the area. Facilities such as the spa, the gym, swimming pools, sports grounds, kindergarten, shopping and services, plus the architectural appearance of the buildings, green spaces and access ways bring Oncos Parc an added value that differentiates it from competition and places it in a top position among the real estate developments in Floreşti and Cluj-Napoca.

Despre proiect

The real estate complex is addressed to all market segments, but it will be extremely attractive among young people through its modern design and high-end location (Vivo Shopping Center) and proximity to Cluj-Napoca.